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If you are a State Employee

Thank you for visiting the Chief Procurement Officer's main website.

State Employees are required to follow certain rules and regulations established to foster ethical conduct. One area of specific concern is related to the conduct of state procurements.

There a many requirements that state employees should be aware of when they become involved in state procurements.

Ethics Act Requirements - The State Officials and Employees Ethics Act contains restrictions regarding many aspects of a State employee's conduct including those relating to the receipt of gifts, future employment opportunities, and political involvement. Please review the Act in order to become more familiar with the limitations and restrictions placed upon State employees.

Founded Reports - As a result of situations where the Act is not followed, the Executive Ethics Commission ("EEC") publishes disciplinary decisions and Office of Executive Inspector General ("OEIG") founded reports for state employee violations of the State Officials and Employee Ethics Act. These disciplinary decisions and reports are available on the main Executive Ethics Commission website, under Decisions, Reports, and Appeals.

Administrative Rules - If you become involved in an investigation or disciplinary case before the Executive Ethics Commission, you may want to review applicable Rules regarding the Commission's hearing, determination, and investigation procedures. Please review the Commission's Rules.

Procurement Restrictions - The Illinois Procurement Code sets forth certain requirements with regard to all State procurements. As a state employee certain communications with lobbyists and vendors must be reported. There are reporting requirements for the lobbyist, vendor, and state employee as set forth in Section 50-39 of the Code at 30 ILCS 500/50.

Procurement Communication Reporting Form - The form for submitting required reports is available through the Procurement Policy Board's Procurement Communication Reporting page.

Reporting Violations - Where appropriate, in order to report a potential violation of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act or other concern regarding the ethical behavior of a state employee, please contact your agency's Ethics Officer. A list of all State Ethics Officers is available on this site and on the OEIG.

Executive Inspector General - In addition, potential violations can be reported directly to the Office of the Executive Inspector General. The OEIG has instructions for filing a complaint available on its website under File a Complaint.

Procurement Related Issues - To report a potential violation of the Procurement Code or other concern regarding a State procurement please contact the office of the Chief Procurement Officer.